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More sophisticated by the second, etc.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Cold Feet, etc.

So we're playing Siren Fest tomorrow, apparently.  It seemed like a really good idea at first, but now that we're actually going through with it I feel more than a bit nervous.  Singing into nothing whilst Kevin bangs on a snare might not be as great as we initially thought.  There is the slight risk we'll get a ticket (or a stern talking to), but I'm not really too concerned with that.  Playing in front of (or better said, near) all sorts of hostile strangers might be problematic.  I guess you won't be able to hear us all that well unless you're standing right next to us, so it shouldn't matter.  I'm less concerned with the set in the water, that's ridiculous enough to work anyway.  Our revised outfit has us actually performing in suits, for some reason.  Well, at least it will be cinematic, if anyone gets around to filming it.  So it goes. 


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