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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Queries, Answers, Pleas, etc.

Hello again. It would appear that we played another show, although it's taken me a few days to get around to commenting on it. I apologize for my tardiness.

July 31, 2004 -- Rooftop of 338 Berry Street, Brooklyn
Alice went through quite a bit of trouble to set this show up, but it was definitely worth it. Linda Haygood opened up, but I had to work so I missed it. In fact, I got several hours of sleep and then was quite dismayed with my alarm went off at 8:00am. Immediately after working I met up with Todd Patrick who gave me a ride to pick up tuxedos and top hats from David Ahuja, who was nice enough to show up later and film up whilst performing. We booked over to the show, just in time to see the beginning of Hot Nilla and Liquid Stars' set. They were fantastic. I was quite amazed when I got to the roof, although it was a six or seven or some amount of floor climb. Trees, rosebushes, a coy pond, a view of Manhattan, etc. Brilliant. Kevin was reputedly incummunicado in New Jersey, although he did manage to turn up in time for our set. This Invitation proved a tough act to follow, despite our top hats. We soldiered on. The wind was blowing the words around so as to make them unreadable (it eventually blew the music stand over completely); Lita was nice enough to sit and hold them for me. All I really needed was to read to Portuguese from The Girl From Ipanema, the rest of the set she sat there whilst I ignored the lyric sheets. It was a nice touch, I though. Immediately upon starting I got so many rocks in my shoes that I was forced to remove them. I'm not sure if that was a nice touch or not, wearing tails and wandered around in just my socks. People were a little less positive than I thought they'd be, as this was a fun, laid back, free rooftop party. I suppose I have to remember that just because people aren't watching you intently doesn't mean they aren't enjoying it. Lynn, who resides in the building, asked us to come back and play some art shows she's planning on having up there. We eagerly accepted. I managed to drink 62 ounces of beer in the two or so hours I was there, which while not all that prodigious, managed to get me quite drunk and then quite sleepy. Kevin was sober, having just come from hanging out with his young niece.

We're playing again tonight as well, at 502 Warren Street with a bunch of our friends. We try to mix it up, playing in front of hostile crowds as well as friendly ones. You can't do too much of either, it gets demoralizing playing in front of people who don't like you and you get soft playing in front of just your friends all the time. We haven't mixed our recording yet, I've barely even listened to it. I think I want to make videos for every song and add all our live footage and release a digital video disc rather than a mere compact disc. More expensive, but probably more fun too. We might need financial backing sometime soon, neither of us have any money to speak of. Do you?


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