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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

monday nov 7th 2005 club exit

here's a pic from the dumbo arts show set up by dr. todd p (phd in rad shows).
i blacked out bj's face because he was mean to me in bed the other night.

we played club exit recently, on the 2nd stage, but the headlining band took all the money those cheap bastards. it's crazy to think about, but their gurantee was so high no other bands in the vip lounge got paid. shouldn't this be illegal? i didn't realize how much their guarantee was, so i was pissed when all i made was 1 dollar -- actually i took it quite personally! haha! sometimes its hard not to take things personally when you don't have all the information. i just assumed with the amount of people there we would be making a little more than cab fare. but now i know why i only made 1 dollar: because the headlining band took all the $. todd p was surpised by this and tried to get some $ to pay the vip lounge bands, but the main band's managers wouldn't have it. i want to apologize to todd p -- i gave him a hard time, but he batted on our side against these corporate fucks. anecdote, kids: i remember a friend of mine was unknown and opened for sting, all stadium sold-out gigs. sting was making hundreds of thousands, and my friend was making $200 a night. that's called payin' your dues. we here at puttin' on the ritz aren't only paying our dues, we are paying yours as well apparently. don't worry folks, soon puttin' on the ritz will be taking all the $ with our mind-boggling guarantees (ornette coleman is notorious for huge guarantees -- at one point it was 50 million) and when we do, we're taking you with us (exactly where remains to be determined -- but you may want to bring your own soap).


  • At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey you really are funny..but that's an awful story, i can't believe it. it makes me pisst off. its a bunch of crap. what is wrong with people's sense of coool style fairness logic numbers!.. i love to pay for a show, i ENJOY to pay for a show, its the one thing i find i like to pay for i guess...or love. its incredible art-work-fun-inspiration. and how do you all do it? when there's always so many bands per show and band members in a band. but bk to a. how do bands do it when they play with 1979? hard to believe, such packed situation too..so totally unfair plus theirs is (clearly) archival material sori,-duders shrink that van!


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