Puttin' On The Ritz

More sophisticated by the second, etc.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

cookies crumbling

greetings earth people -- power to the earth -- citizens unite, be nice to eachother, and don't forget to be didactic during the holdiays because people really appreciate it -- people especially like to be criticized on the holidays. so universally tell everyone you know to be nice, like some cheap form of indoctrination, be a school teacher, this is your chance. now its ok to not be nice when prostheletizing. prosthetic humor for a prosthetic happiness. and also the other day bj and i played a wonderful holiday show at the exit art la supperstore thingy. it was great fun, and we even managed to sell zero cd's once again. so to all of you who didn't buy our cd -- thank you again, we really appreciate it. because if you bought the cd's my mind might be so blown i might die. thank you for not wanting to me to die. actually thank you for not coming to the show either, because if you had actually come to the supperoo event then i would equally have been blown away and i would have equally keeled over, ralphed a little bit, and then died, maybe with one final shutter, laying there frozen on my make-shift bass drum (a wash tub provided by todd p -- maybe todd p knew i might die -- the tub would have served as some sort of sled to drag me out of there). so to the 2 of you who were there seeing our show, shame on you! never come and see us again! we prefer to play to no one! no at all for the rest of our god damn lives!! A-MEN!