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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Everything (Including The Kitchen Sink), etc.

Guess what guys?

August 4, 2004 -- 502 Warren Street, Brooklyn
I love playing here. The two previous shows I played here rank among the best I've ever played. There was quite a crowd (although we lost a few before we went on), and it was quite nice outside. We were supposed to play in the kitchen but it was too hot and stuffy in there, so we opted to play in the backyard. Currituck County brought it, and it was nice to watch Zeke Healy play a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone song with Owen sitting right there. I of course was the one who requested it, but I like to watch people squirm. Owen was great, playing in Aron's bedroom. Our set went quite nicely, thank you very much. People sat and watched us, and seemed to enjoy it, at least. There was some moderate clapping. Kevin's cymbal kept falling over and he kept doing weird things with the snare. When he would go off on one of his avant tangents, I would sit in a chair next to him and examine my wrist (where my watch would be, were I to wear a watch). I kept announcing that we weren't doing comedy and Kevin kept giving me rimshots. I kind of prefer the stripped down set sometimes, just a snare, maybe a cymbal, and me projecting to the best of my ability. I feel like it keeps us honest, somehow. I guess we did allright, we got offered three shows immediately following our performance. And I was worried that we didn't have any more booked.

Furthermore, I feel like we need to just keep playing and playing and playing every night, every fucking second. Like people are going to forget about us if we go a week without playing or something. I guess I'm just really neurotic. You would be too if you were me, etc.


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