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Friday, September 10, 2004

Hemlines, etc.

We have a habit of remembering the failures more vividly than the successes, I’ve found. Perhaps remembering is not the word I’m looking for here. It might be better said that we dwell more on our demonstrations of incompetence, on our ill chosen words and/or actions, on our inability to grasp the moment. We are human, after all. Well, I am assuming that the reader is human, as there are currently no other literate species that I am aware of. Should you, in the far or even near future, be something other than human, hello. I would assume that you are less than perfect, as well. We certainly try our best, despite appearances. I digress, but only in the spirit of optimism. Perhaps this seems amusing, as so far there has been little of that displayed. I make no apologies. There are many things I am sorry for, but the fusing of two logically opposed registers has never been one of them. I will not be getting into the things I am sorry for, as I could write a book about the mistakes I’ve made. I should hope you can too. Where was I going with this again? It seems to have eluded me. Fear not, my friends. Enlightenment is at hand. Somewhere, over the rainbow, etc.


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