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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Tower Of Babel, etc.

This translation is courtesy of babelfish.altavista.com. It is unclear why all the characters are not being translated, but I suppose that is the way of these things. I do like that the article doesn't really seem to be about us at all. It is about Kevin being a crazy man. That, for the record, is absolutely true. Without further ado, here is what a Japanese dude had to say about us (as mentioned a few days ago):

Hitting the outrageous drum with storm & stress and copic light solo of る man KEVIN SHEA, it hits the drum with that style and the り which is sown the demonstration 3 of SEXY THOUGHTS which you talk romantic love talks, concerning the relation of the girl "CD from this person arrives at dlc. You can laugh in any case and it is dangerous! Way you can buy with next few days dlc and nat, the stripe shank.And that another band PUTTING ON THE RITZ which relates! This is strange rather, is. Link of video being to paste, by all means check!

Kevin release has done does also the り even from crouton of jon mueller of pele and on the October latter half the schedule which participates in Taiwan ジャズフェス. You see even in Japan and don't you think? the れ れ it is highest.If storm & stress and coptic light the person you have heard perhaps, it is understood, is, but this person it is outrageous, it is with to an air the て.

Sexy Thoughts is Kevin's solo project, if you didn't know. Ta Ta!


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