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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Whiskey, Wine, and Women, etc.

I am ridiculously hungover.

February 12, 2005 -- The Llano Estacado, Brooklyn
So, check this out. We played with Bloody Panda, Deerhunter, Child Abuse, Younger, Narchitect, and No Things. That is to say, if you hung out until 3am, you got to see us go completely apeshit, perhaps even more so than usual. Todd decided it would be hilarious to keep bringing us shot after shot after shot after shot, etc. I believe he just brought out the whole bottle of Kentucky Gentleman and handed it to Kevin, who poured most of it all over himself. I had done well all evening in terms of pacing myself, as I knew we would be performing quite late. That all went down the shitter as soon as we started, as I just mentioned. Drums kept getting moved around. Someone offered to be Kevin's valentine, but then was curiously absent by the end of the set. I let Kevin sing "Fly Me To The Moon", whilst I played drums. I think there was a lot of "fly me to fucking moon, bitch", but I could be wrong. I think it went well. Apparently we dropped Kevin off just as Laura Hannah was walking by, and I was screaming "Kiss Me!" or something like that at her. It was news to me when I was informed of this fact. I then spent the next hour or so vomitting, and then Todd and I watched Mr. Show and then I passed out.

Addendum: I have managed to recall a few more events from this, perhaps our most drunk, performance. Jesse Jane was throwing beer cans at my head (and actually connecting with it) for some time, despite my repeatedly running over and trying to tackle her. I could be heard, faintly (as it was not spoken into the microphone), to say "Could you stop that? It really hurts!" The sound of the cans hitting my noggin could be heard all the way in the back of the room, which I think merely illustrates my point. Apparently there is a photograph of me playing drums whilst Kevin is climbing over me (and the kit), with his head upside down, bottle of bourbon in one hand the microphone in the other. Apparently he was trying to pour the bourbon into his mouth whilst trying to get words to come out as well. I have no idea if he was successful or not, the results might be lost to history. Brett and Joel also managed to wrap both of us up in toilet paper, somehow. I'm not sure if it affected our fidelity. More on this story as new revelations are revealed.


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