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Monday, April 04, 2005

Small Change, etc.

April 2, 2005 -- Asterisk, Brooklyn
So somehow we convinced the right people that it would be a good idea for us to play with Lightning Bolt. By the right people I mean, of course, the people who live at Asterisk. By convincing I mean, of course, asking. Everyone I spoke to regarding the show was sort of afraid all hell would be breaking loose, there were probably 1000 people or so at the show the night before and Asterisk doesn't really have that sort of capacity. Luckily, the show wasn't well promoted and it was raining and people were timid. Thus, it was crowded, but not uncomfortably so. Well, perhaps in the back room whilst Lightning Bolt was playing, but not everywhere the whole time. It was nice to see steam wafting out of the room, and people occasionally emerging with their faces bright red, out of breath. I had no illusions of trying to get in, so I stayed in the hallway and help Kevin set up. That way we would be ready to play as soon as they were done, which is exactly what we did. I think most of the people who walked by were so dazed that they didn't even realize there was another band playing, I guess Kevin and I can be unassuming on occasion. I was trying to chat some of them up, but for the most part they just vaguely glanced my way and kept walking towards the exit. We've had plenty of people walk out on us before, I suppose we're just lucky no one tried to start a fist fight with us. I was sort of expecting that. So, we were quite drunk and somehow managed to get through a bunch of songs. Some of our friends stuck around, and some people we didn't know as well. We always enjoy making new friends. We had four compact discs available, 2 of which I gave away, 2 of which person or persons unknown simply walked off with. Alas. The people in the other bands who saw some of our set seemed to enjoy it, but that is generally the case. We get on better with bands than we do with their fans. Which works well for us, because it allows us to continue to play shows that we might not otherwise get to play, due to our apparent lack of draw. But people did come out, and I would like to thank them for it. I apologize for the $12 cover charge, I had no idea it would cost so much. I believe that would make it the most expensive show we have ever played, and probably are likely to play anytime soon. Perhaps we will be asked to play some black tie affair at Lincoln Center sometime in the future, but I will not be waiting underwater, so to speak. As amazing a drummer as Kevin is, and as amazing a singer I am, it would not seem that we are well suited for such an environment. However, should any of you like to book us there, we would definitely consider it. In the meantime, we will continue to bring our ragtag outfit here there and everywhere, even if that only includes three New York City boroughs. Well, mostly Brooklyn. But anyway, everyone involved in the show was very gracious in allowing us to perform, which we genuinely appreciate. Michelle Panache, Lightning Bolt, DMBQ, Drama Queens, Shellshag, and everyone at Asterisk -- gracias. I wish I could recall more specific details from the show, but I managed not to break my glasses again and no one felt compelled to throw anything at us. I actually removed my glasses before playing because I feel like I've had some bad luck with that sort of thing happening as of late. So there is no one crazy or wild thing that really sticks out, I guess even we have shows like that sometimes. I was pretty mad about losing an hour, though. Fucking daylight savings time. I know, I know, I will appreciate the extra light all summer long. But I really could have used that hour this weekend, it would have come in pretty handy. No sense crying over spilt milk, I suppose. My funny valentine, this song is dedicated to all the lovers in this or any other house. It is dedicated to everyone, it is dedicated to you.


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